Serve Team Questionnaire

As part of our commitment to serve you better, please take a few minutes to complete the survey as your input will prove to be invaluable as we look for new ways to better serve our church and the communities we live and worship in.


*When are you most able to serve? What days/times work best for you?:
*Do you have any specific areas that you would personally like to serve?:
*Knowing that we cannot announce everything from the pulpit, what is the best way to communicate upcoming events and service opportunities with you?
If you chose "Other" above, please list what other way we could communicate:
*What's the best way for you to communicate with us when you or your connection group is able to serve? How about when you or your connection group are looking for a service opportunity?
*What talents has God given you that you would be willing to use to serve the Kingdom? What work skills do you have that can be used to serve the kingdom if needed?
*Where can the church staff serve you better?: